Sunday, April 16, 2006

Try Razon's

Went to Razon's of Guagua a couple days ago with some of the family to beat the oppressive summer heat since they have great halo-halo. We dropped by the one on Julia Vargas in Ortigas Center.

Their halo-halo contains only leche flan, macapuno, and sweetened bananas, but I actually find it better since I don't like all the beans and stuff found in other halo-halos.

Razon's started out in Guagua, Pampanga and I believe they also have branches in Greenhills and Makati. We also ordered the Pancit Luglug which is another specialty of theirs. Sarap!

Me, Kris, Leah, Skye and Mum went here and also stopped by OMF bookstore, the Ortigas Builders Center and Shang Mall.

Happy Ressurection Day, everyone. Jesus lives forever!


Eli said...

You should try the one in Guagua talaga. It may be the lola Razon preparing the dishes herself, or my imagination, but parang it tastes better there. :p

Joel R. said...

hehehe. hahanapin ko nga yung when i go to pampanga. magpapalibre ako kay ashley :)

tigerlily said...

eli, my mom said the 'razon' why the one in Guagua tastes better is because, according to her pampanguenia friend, they use karabao's milk at the Guagua branch. Baka utos ni lola :p

Joel R. said...

I remember the original Selecta ice cream also used carabao milk.

cranky said...


you are so right the secret, according to an insider, is that the halohalo of razon's in metro manila, is prepared for profit not out of love, na unlike the original in guagua or even in san fernando, may "conscience" yung halolohalo. :-)