Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good DSL Service

Our PLDT MyDSL service has been down for five, YES 5!! whole days now. What do you guys use and is it reliable? We're actually thinking of changing ISP's. This is totally unacceptable. GRRRR.

(this was posted by 10man from an internet cafe that he had to spend extra for).

UPDATE: After seven whole days PLDT finally fixed our DSL, but this was only after I threatened to have the service cut. It's amazing what ultimatums can do.


Ren said...

I use Bayantel/Sky DSL. It's pretty good, nothing as bad as the five days of downtime you've experienced (so far, knock on wood).


Joel R. said...

thanks for the heads up, ren. we're actually looking at SkyDSL now.