Monday, March 20, 2006

Passing the Torch

Trumpets new Board of Directors were inducted/anointed/committed tonight at Word Community near Ultra. It was a special time as members, friends, founders, pastors, and previous board members came to support the new leadership. We received lots of prayers and instructions and left the place with an incredible anticipation of the good things that are to happen this year.

The Board: Me, Sweet, Noodles, JuneV, Carol, Sheila and Alvin

Our new President's first talk to the members

Tito Freddie and Jaime receiving special instruction from Pastor Nomer

Noodles, Sweety Pie and Skye hanging out
Sabi ni Skye: "Joe, I am so very glad to see you!"

I'd like to encourage those of you who haven't officially become members to sign up at the office in Pioneer. This is gonna be a glorious year for Trumpets and we want you to be part of it. Special thanks to my friends George and Hannah who made it. Eli, sayang you didn't make it.


Eli said...

:( Oo nga eh. I had to sow my time to my sister-in-law and my brother. It's been a while since they went out on a date. I prayed for you guys! I really wanted to be there. See you all tomorrow at BS!

Joel R. said...

maganda yan. what if yung harvest mo is more in-laws?? :)

cheacherchowee said...

Congratulations and God bless, bro! Looking forward to the great new things yet to come

Joel R. said...

Thanks, Chars!

jepoy said...

congrats again dude!!!

i can't wait to see what's in store for trumpets this year!

you guys will be awesome!

GOD Bless! :)

Joel R. said...

Jepoy, kahit papano you're a part of Trumpets na wherever you end up.