Thursday, March 23, 2006

Midnight at the Museum

Spent the entire night at the Ayala Museum erecting the set for a corporate event. The event's done but I don't have proper pics yet. Since Jeff Arcilla was the official photographer, he shot the show and the set so I'll just wait for copies from him and make a more complete post later.

However I do have to mention NOW that Albergus was the caterer and the food was excellent. I especially loved the chocolate fondue fountain which up until tonight, was only a blogging urban legend to me. Now I have seen it for real and I will never be the same! hahahahaha

Chocoholics beware!


Ren said...

I'd seen (and tasted!) the chocolate fondue fountain when Cello's had their anniversary sometime last year. Mmm. I never wanted to leave, but I was meeting up with someone, and I was starting to get broke, haha. So I collected as much chocolate as I could at the times I could, um, collect chocolate for my mini-donuts.


Joel R. said...

I have got to get my hands on one of these fountains...