Friday, March 24, 2006

Full Day, Fun Day

9:45 am Did some word study and watched an episode of BVOV featuring Billye Brim talking about the incredible things that will happen in 2006

10: 05 am Morning workout (I'm on a self-imposed mass gain program)

11:15 am Got my first ever Urban Spa aromatherapy massage courtesy of a GC from a friend (thanks, Maits). After a super tiring event day yesterday, this was a great and relaxing experience.

1:08 pm Ran to Metrobank to cash my check from the Ayala Museum event

2:10 pm For some reason I just had to get my hair cut shorter still. I almost feel like a jarhead now.

3:50 pm Gave a short talk on behalf of the board at the Playshop teacher's orientation. It was nice to see that the two people I recommended (Maits and Geeg) were assigned two classes each.

5:01 pm Had to work with JC to frantically beat Philippine Star's deadline for the print ad we were placing. We just made it!

8:10 pm Red and I ran to Power Plant in Rockwell to meet up with Ashley, her mom, her sister, Gino, and Chevy. We had dinner at Dencio's to celebrate Ash's birthday. I think Tita got a little tipsy from her two beers :)

10:45 pm Yeah, I know it's still early but I was really tired and since I had Skye with me I had an excuse to go home early. Time to catch up on more Zzz's.

Goodnight, world. Thank you, God :)

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