Saturday, November 24, 2007

This and that and other things i picked up on

1) Sleep is the poor man's physician.

2) Trying to convince yourself you're happy is not the same thing as actually being happy.

3) The moment you stop learning, you stop becoming a teacher.

4) Facts are only temporary and subject to change. Truth is universal and forever.

5) Belief is the inner conviction that God's Word is true. Faith is the outward action based on that belief

6) Kindness is never random nor is it an act. It is a way of life and always deliberate.

7) You cannot hate someone you care nothing about.

8) Often the most difficult person for you to love, is yourself.

9) Love goes past all feelings. It is a choice to trust, to care, to give and to forgive.

10) Patience is not the ability to wait long. It is the ability to remain unmoved from what you believe no matter how long it takes to happen.

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