Friday, May 04, 2007

Back to Bulacan

After many many years, I finally got to visit Malolos, Bulacan again which is my father's hometown. When my grandparents were still alive, I remember we used to go there every sunday with all my cousins and every year we would always put on a big program. That's where i got my love for theatre i think. That's me playing the toy piano with lito v. over my shoulder.

I was there to set up a stage for a concert sponsored by a senatorial candidate (read: use of celebrities for electoral gain). Well, they did have 6 cycle mind and Katrina Halili. We set up the stage smack dab in front of the Provincial Capitol, which was built in 1930 but then was burned down by the Japanese during the war, and was rebuilt with help from the Americans in 1950.

The weather was hot hot hot and it didn't help that the day we were constructing was also the day they were distributing the ballot boxes to all the municipalities. Every ten minutes a new dump truck would park beside the stage and load up.

Elections is such a big thing here in the Philippines and a lot of time, money and effort goes into it. But in spite of all the busyness that day, it's nice to know that there are still those who are totally unaffected and can find peace and quiet...

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