Friday, June 02, 2006

As You Wish

I spent the whole day yesterday in AFP, as part of the make-up crew for Playshop. PamG did mostly stage make-up, Maita did hair & make-up, while I did face painting and other FX make-up. We did charge for a modest fee, but mostly it was for the fun of doing it (since what I did manage to earn went to our make-up fund, hehehehe).

BTW, my bestest friend in the whole world, Maita Ponce is searching for the next Candy Cutie. If you have a brother, a friend, a cousin, a boyfriend, or if you think you yourself are qualified to be a candy cutie, send her a photo, a brief description and contact number/s at this address:


lorna said...

Congrats on making the Wicked Witch look so good with her green skin. And what's a candy cutie?

Joel R. said...

thanks. as soon as i can get a hold of jeff arcilla's pics, i'll post them. btw, a candy cutie is a young guy featured on Candy Mag that teen girls are supposed to drool over :)

Mikel said...

Teacher Joel!! Ur sooo weird!! We don't drool over magazines!! Coz if we do, what's the point of buying them?!?! Ahahaha!!


P.S. Bestest Friend in the world huh? :))

Joel R. said...

kaya nga "supposed to" e. besides Mikel, i've seen you drooling already! hahahaha