Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten Things I Learned in Playshop

These are 10 things I learned from Playshop this summer, especially while helping out in Teacher Enchang's class:

1) Stage mothers (and fathers too) often get a stigma of being too meddlesome, but the truth is that they really do care about their children THAT MUCH
2) Sam Concepcion has a cult following among the adolescent and will sometimes get randomly mobbed by girls
3) Being a teacher is one of the most tiring jobs in the universe
4) It doesn't take long before you know who everybody's crush is in the class
5) Teaching is not just getting a student to learn a set of skills but sharing your life with someone and mentoring them
6) Kids appreciate it when you relate to them at their level and not look down at them
7) George Gabriel looks like Mr. Bean
8) Whichever restaurant is closest to the classrooms doubles their sales during the summer (this year's winner is KFC)
9) Maita Ponce is a very good teacher and I'm really proud of her
10) No matter how many times we correct her, T.Enchang will always call Maits, "Maite"


Mikel Jacinto said...

Teacher Joel, nyahahaha, it's not like we don't know who YOU like!! :p You were supposed to be the one dancing there, in coconut boobs, but noooooo! Cher, did i leave curlers or rollers or wtv you call them in the dressing room? Nyahaha it's a huge purple one and a pink one, something like that, if you do find it, er, tell me nlng!! weeeee!! I didn't know Sam Conception gets mobbed, O_o, woot woot, we're now gonna continuosly plague ur blog, so beware, :D.

Joel R. said...

mikel you are welcome to "plague" my blog all you want :) i think some of the lost and found items are still in afp so you can go there and pick them up.

Lorna said...

Hey, one of the CT kids also also call George Mr. Bean! I don't see the resemblance though. Care to enlighten?

And regarding parents, yes, we do understand that they care very much for their children, but they have to balance that love with a certain level of trust and belief that the teachers are professional and care for their kids as well.

donut manlongat said...

teacher joel!!!! gah!!!! i'm on mikel's side! nyahahahahahahaha! and she is right. you WERE supposed to be in the coconut boobs and hula skirt. tssss... sayang naman. joke! sam concepcion stinks!

Joel R. said...

hay nako donut, tignan natin kung masabi mo yan sa harap ni sam :P

Mikel said...

nyahaha, if we did say it in his face, what would u do to us Teach? :)) Hahaha!! I didn't say he stinks...i'm just saying that i don't see what's so special about him...yah...that's it...:D Still plaguing ur blog...


donut said...

okay, i admit it. he WAS (emphasize on the word WAS) my crush last year. and yeah, he doesn't stink that much naman...... if i say that and julia's there, she'll kill me. don't tell her i said that. ;)

Mikel said...

He's cute, but my heart belongs to someone else (okay, technically, he hasn't taken it yet, but wat are details in the midst of love?!) Kidding!! Hahahaha!! Weeeeee......>_<


Joel R. said...

hahahaha. so si julia pala ang may crush kay sam ha?

maita said...

what's all this "boys" talk? are you girls even allowed to have crushes? :P