Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trumpets: Aslan is on the Move!

Last saturday, Trumpets finally held its elections for its new working Board of Directors and it was very much anticipated since it was moved back from a year ago. I am quite humbled that God has called me to serve on this board with 6 other men and women and I know that He has great things in store for Trumpets this year. We are very much refreshed and excited that we will be able to steer this group into the direction which was set from the beginning: to reach the world for Christ through the arts.

Needless to say, I'm going to be much much busier with Trumpets for the next two years of our term and that's fine by me cos i'm already anticipating the fulfillment I will get from being part of incredible things that are about to happen.

Alvin dela Peña
Beth Chua
Carol Francisco
Sheila Francisco
Joel Reyes
June Veras
Sweet Plantado

Please keep us in your prayers :)


jepoy said...

WOW! Very promising board!!! Good choice people! Hehehe!

kiddin aside, I know you'll do a great job as a member of the board. I'm excited to see those in the next two years coz i know it's gonna be awesome!

God bless bro! See ya on sunday!


Joel R. said...

Thanks, Jepoy. If you guys aren't members yet, sign up na! This is gonna be a good year for Trumpets :)

kyla said...

oooh, congratulations and good luck my dear :)

Joel R. said...

thanks, ky :)

The White Rabbit said...

congrats! finally...hope for the future of Trumpets...go get 'em!