Friday, March 03, 2006

If They Could See Me Now

Overcoming fatigue, draconian class schedules, technical problems and even a state of emergency, BlueRep's Sweet Charity finally opened last night and it was a really good show. I was too busy shooting video to take pics so you'll have to be happy with some vidcaps.

Hey, Big Spender!

She's a Brass Band...

Ohhhh, Sweet Charity

I have to admit that at many times during the show I had to step away from the camera cos i was cracking up really bad. Geegee (Charity Valentine) has great comedic timing and had me laughing all throughout. Congrats, Guys!! All the hard work is paying off and it's time to enjoy yourselves up there on stage.


jepoy said...

whoah. awesome shots!

thanks bro for doing this. owe you a lot!

see ya on sunday.

can i borrow these pics? hehee
Imma put them on mah blog! :)

Joel R. said...

feel free to use them :)

Ren said...

Saw these pics through Jepoy's blog. Whoa, they're LOVELY. (It helps that I can see myself in one of the screencaps, hahahaha.) The show's just so... pretty to look at!

Thanks so much for the set design. It looks so awesome fully realized and stuff. =)

-ren, a.k.a. herman

Joel R. said...

hey, ren. i had lots of fun working with you guys and watching you perform. i'm really glad maita recommended me to help bluerep.

angelalah said...

hi brother.

the set is really incredible. thanks so much for the help. you are such a blessing. i super mean it.

Joel R. said...

thanks, sis. i couldn't stay away tonight cos i just love watching you and everybody :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for watching! Twice even! Goodie goodie goodie. We need more audience members like you!

Thank you so much for the set. I love how it works with every scene and lighting design.

Mahar Mangahas

P.S. Stumbled here via Jepoy's blog.

Joel R. said...

Hey Mahar! It's been a fun experience; good work on the costumes. Am glad you like our set (that's a God-inspired design). Not sure if i'll be back for Saturday shows but i'll be there on Sunday.