Saturday, June 02, 2007

Playshop Passes on the Passion

Photos from the 2007 Tribute Show featuring Pamilya Maleta with the special participation of Maita Ponce and JC Gotinga.

Maits sings Burn

JC sings Could you be Messiah?

Pamilya Maleta at the AFP Theater!

Ems BolaƱos as Kikay Japayukay

Jun Ofrasio as Kuya Talino

Noodles Chua as Ate Bechay

Tan-GA, Ate Bechay and Rosanna

Roden Araneta as Berto (tatay)

Roden Araneta as ewan...

Mayen Cadd as (Sino ka) Rosanna

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tigerlily said...

wow, mayen really looks pregnant