Monday, April 02, 2007

We are Blessed!

Trumpets would like to give its heartfelt thanks and blessing to everyone who was a part of Sound of Trumpets IV. From the Trumpets Choir, to Sheila our choir director, to our artist friends, to our dancers, to the New Life the Fort band & P.Eric, to the people who worked on the production, the stage and the technicals, to Shangri-La Mall, and to the each and every person who went to watch.

You were all partners of something bigger than just a show or concert. It was a bold declaration that Jesus Christ is Lord of this country the Philippines, and that this nation is on the road to full restoration from everything it has lost throughout the years.

To all of you, you are blessed because you partnered with us and you must expect a major breakthrough to happen in your life soon. Our best is yet to come! Shalom!


maita said...

u said it hanee! :D

Joel R. said...

Teynks hon. Now I'm waiting on more stories of people who got their breakthrough. :)