Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Southern Swing

While Maits was busy Bangkoking, I on the other hand took a quick two day trip through our beautiful Southern cities of Davao and Cebu. Trumpets will be doing shows down there this August so a team of 5 (Sheba, Jaime, Jingay, Amor and I) went to ocular the venues and the living spaces, plus a little extra sight-seeing to boot.

There is a lot to see in Davao since it is the world's largest city in terms of land area. Pearl Farm, Orchidariums, The Philippine Eagle sanctuary where you can see this guy here:

And surprise! Birds are not the only residents at the sanctuary; you can even meet Mr. Pumba:

Most of us know that Pearl Farm is in Davao, but the residents there rave about going to Paradise Island because it is just a short ferry ride from the middle of the city and voila! instant beach resort.

I was surprised by all the new commercial developments in Davao since I visited it last, but alas still no Starbucks. Down there if you wanna coffeefy as Rony would put it, you go to Blu Grey (guaranteed to be the only cafe that will serve you a Durian Frappe). Anyway I think my favorite eating place there just for its name is the HoneyBear ChickenHouse hahahahahahaha.

We weren't able to go around Cebu as much since we were there less than a day, but we did go up to this place called Mountain View Park which gave you a great view of the city.

While there we saw this hanging bridge and dared each other to go across it. I promise that I really did walk on it but of course I couldn't take my own picture. At first it seemed ok but when you get to the middle part each step you take makes the bridge bounce up and down so it was kind of a mini-adventure.

So anyway, were all back in Manila but also excited to return there come August to do the shows and maybe even have an extra day off for more sight-seeing.


maita said...

mr. pumba = joe :P

Joel R. said...

careful honey. i also have a pic of mrs. pumba... :P