Thursday, March 08, 2007

Manila, Manila

I spent most of last week in Manila as my fledgling set construction company had back-to-back setups for two different events in the Malate area. First we set up a small stage on March 3 in Century Park Hotel, which is quite old already but is still well maintained.

Then on March 6 we set up another stage for a shipping company at the brand-spanking new Hyatt Hotel. It looks really great from afar and inside it's full of casino's. What's interesting about it is since it's in the Malate area, the building right beside this modern marvel looks like its condemned. Haha, what a stark contrast!

And oh I also had to go to Plaza Miranda in Quiapo to pick up Maits after her shoot. I got a bit lost since i haven't been there since I was a kid, but found my way thanks to a kind man on the street who gave directions.


maits said...

god job hon! ;)

Joel R. said...

thanks honeybunches!