Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Capturing True Faith

I was on location at the shooting of the band True Faith's latest music video. It was done at the Jumbo Kingdom restaurant in the CCP Complex. The video stars lead singer Medwin Marfil, of course, and guess who else?

I was impressed by the production team and how fast and professionally they move. Since both Maits and Medwin are non-smokers, the props guys were constantly ready to replace the prop cigarette for every take that needed one.

The band has six members including Benedict Esguerra (the big guy way on the right) who is a member of and also plays the drums for our church New Life the Fort.

Since everything was shot in one day, the schedule was quite hectic so members of the crew (including Rozie the stylist) squeezed in a break whenever they could.

I'm excited to see how the video will turn out and don't forget to ask who the Wong Kar Wai girl is. hehehe. More pics in Maits Multiply.


maits said...

i can speak CHAH-NEES too!

pseudo CHAH-NEES. nagpapanggap lang pero korean talaga ang tunog

Joel R. said...

hahaha. now if you only could understand what you were saying.

Oliver Oliveros said...

Fabulous, Maits!

=) Oliver

TheBachelorGirl said...

Maits looks so beautiful!

Joel R. said...

yes lorns, she is very beautiful :)

maits said...

:D thanks. some of the guys in the prod were part of the numbalik prod team also.

--> sinasagad talaga promotion e :P