Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Sinta

There are certain experiences in my life that are permanently burned in my memory. Last night, I watched Maita play Sinta for the last time this year and what could possibly the last time. If you've never seen this musical by Sibol, then it would be difficult for me to make you understand what it means to me. Sinta is not a show that you just sit and become a spectator of. Everyone who has ever acted, sung, played, produced, or simply watched it has become part of Sinta and Sinta has become part of them.

What makes Sinta even more special for me is Maita. It's not really important whether I love Sinta because she is Maita or I love Maita because she is Sinta. The distinction is blurred already because the two are so much a part of each other. If I ever watch a new girl play Sinta, I will not be able to help but compare her to Maita because she has become the picture of the character for me. Sinta is definitely one of those experiences that I am better simply because I have become a part of it. Thank you, Maits, for introducing her to me. You will forever be My Sinta.


maits said...

it's always a pleasure bringing new people to watch sinta. mas ginaganahan ako mag invite ng mga hindi pa nakakapanood.

thanks for taking the photos. they're laaavleh!

Joel R. said...

you're welcome, hon :) anything for you

The White Rabbit said...

how sweet! both the performance and you guys... :-D (*birds chirping)