Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Night is Not Enough

Franco and Ayen Laurel hosted the Joseph people to a delicious Pinoy style dinner. Adobo, tapa, pasta w/ tuyo, shrimp, and a whole lot more. After dinner we watched a video of Rama at Sita. I was one of the few there who actually saw it live (hahaha)and it just goes to show that Filipinos are up to par with the rest of the world when it comes to theatre. Maits brought her Nikon so i aslo took a lot of pictures with it. Oh and congrats to both Reym and Gian for making the final 12 of Philippine Idol.

Ang pagtatambul ni Maita Ponce

Ang pagyayakap ni PG

Ang pananakot ni Junevee


maits said...


it's either "pananakot" or "pagkatakot"

hindi ko alam kung tama ang pagtatakot

Joel R. said...

good morning grammar police :)