Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kainan at Kantahan sa Uva

Yesterday was another full day as cast and crew of Joseph the Dreamer descended upon Franco Laurel's restaurant UVA in Greenbelt 2. Everything about the place spoke artistry from the paintings of Martin Honasan (yes his dad is GH) to the food by Chef Fernando Aracama. It was a good day to perform and a great place to enjoy food!

Franco Laurel and Alvin dela Peña share the role of Joseph

Tito Freddie told the story of how the press helped to jumpstart JTD's long run in the Philippines. It was only to be performed in Cebu in 1989 but in the middle of a coup d'etat, the press came to watch and Ethel Timbol told Freddie that Trumpets had to bring this to Manila. And over 40 members of the Press came to attend yesterday thanks to the efforts of Oliver Oliveros and his team. Btw, Oliver denies the rumor that he submitted my photos to the tabloids, hahaha...

PG and the girlies: Shanda, Maits and Ring

Joseph the Dreamer hasn't even opened yet but we've been through quite a journey already. Every team working on the show (rehearsals, creatives, marketing, sales, etc.) has experienced breakthrough after breakthrough and we always thank God for every good thing that comes our way. This is gonna be an amazing run and I want as many people as possible to be connected to this.


Oliver Oliveros said...

Unless some guys have slipped your pics in my press kits. Hehehe.

Lorna said...

I wanted to be there but mundane meetings got in the way. Watching the preview instead tomorrow. God bless.