Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Knick knacks

On Missing Persons
Last week my dad and I brought my mom to the airport where she left to go visit our sister who now lives in Canada. We had barely left the airport when he said to me "I miss her already." I know what he means...

On Mixed Emotions
Last night we dropped by the wake of Robbie Guevara's mom at Santuario de San Jose and he was relating to us the moment of her death. He told us that he was at her side for the past few days and he would constantly watch the monitor and see her heart rate going down steadily until eventually it flat-lined. This brought on tears of course and as they were crying and the resident was called in to pronounce the official time the monitor started recording a pulse again. The resident then was caught in a dilemna on whether to pronounce or not. Robbie said that although they were in tears, this curious situation actually put a smile on their faces.

On Wholeness
I've had a chance to chat with Crisel several times recently and we've been talking about past and ended relationships. We came to the agreement that coming into a relationship when you are lacking inside puts an immediate handicap on things. It's actually best to be whole and secure by yourself first so that when you do walk into a commitment, you are not focused on what your partner can give to you but on how you can give and take care of him/her.

On Doctors


maits said...

i agree with that..just like what shel silverstein said.

Lorna said...

Hey, I didn't know your mom left for Canada already, and that Rob's mom passed away. And may I assume that you are whole and filled up inside, because I see that you are so giving and generous?

Joel R. said...

i think its the opposite. i am giving because i am filled up inside :)