Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wet, Weight, and the Wait

I had just taken a shower yesterday when I realized that the shirt I wanted was still in the laundry room so I strode shirtless through the middle of our house. I hadn't made it there when I was assaulted by a yell from my mom:

"Lumalaki ata tiyan mo ah!"

Huwat??? But I've been working out and doing sit-ups and crunches and what have you and it seems like it's taking a long time for the tummy to tone. Maits told me before that for guys, the tummy (or Mr. Tumnus as she refers to it) is the most difficult thing to get in shape. Grrrrr. That of course reminded me of this comic I had that proves it:

Yes friends, even superheroes struggle with the tummy :)


maits said...

di naman halata. okay lang yan. pull up ka nalang the whole time..hirap nga lang huminga

Joel R. said...

hehe. di naman ako hirap huminga pag nag pull up e.