Saturday, May 13, 2006


Some quick updates from last week:
* I arrived from a 4-day stay in Caliraya (as support staff for a youth camp) exhausted, slightly tanned, and with bigger calves because of all the climbing up and down from our cottage to the dining hall at the top of the hill.

* I also went to Divisoria to help Maits buy materials for props and costumes for her playshop class with teacher Francis. Along the way, I found this pair of butterfly wings for my niece Skye.

* And finally after a gazillion changes, the call center event pushed through and yes PGMA did show up.


maits said...

buti nalang you got the yellow wings. mas maganda talaga.

Joel R. said...

oo nga e. thanks for pointing them out to me :)

Lorna said...

As usual, Skye looks beautiful, especially with the fairy wings.

Joel R. said...

yeah, she kept saying nga that she was "hermie the butterfly"