Wednesday, April 05, 2006

F Cell: The Car of the Future

In case you've been wondering where I've been lately (haven't you?), I spent the past 3 extremely exhausting days helping CATS Motors and DaimlerChrysler (the makers of the Mercedes Benz) promote the future of the car industry.

I started out as just the production designer but ended up having to supply the sets, find the lights & sounds and the projector supplier, hire the production staff and even take care of the food. So when did I start becoming a PM? (Jingay!!!)

The seminar featured the Fuel Cell car which runs on hydrogen gas and get this: It's exhaust/emission is pure distilled water. According to the germans, it is clean enough to drink!

So while I DID NOT drink from the car's tailpipe, I did manage to eat nothing but Via Mare food for two whole days...

Here's a bale of abaca fiber from Leyte which surprisingly is used in the production of many Mercedes Benz parts (mats, seats, tire covers, headrests, door paneling, etc.)

After two days I was glad to strike and have everything packed up, and there's always a good feeling of satisfaction mixed in with a touch of sadness at the end of every show that you worked hard on.

I always thank God for each new thing He brings my way. I am truly blessed and walking in favor in everything and with everyone I face. I never knew before that I could live with this much confidence that I will do well and all things will work together for my good simply because He loves me. It's exhilarating!


lorna said...

Hey Joel,

How much does the car cost? And is the hydrogen gas in liquid form?

Joel R. said...

they didn't mention the cost of the car because they project that they won't be mass producing it until 2015. The hydrogen is in gas form.