Friday, March 10, 2006

UP Arki is 50!

Q: What's worse than gathering 600 architects who like to critique every building they enter?

A: When one of those 600 designed the building they're in.

After a long day of meetings: met 3 sets of clients and managed to snag 4 different projects for this year (thank you, God!); I ended the night by attending the 50th Anniversary of the UP College of Architecture. Not everyone knows this, but YES I did graduate as an architect from our State University, and my legal name IS Rogelio.

Woohoo!! There I am!

It was really fun seeing lots of familiar friendly faces and turning around to see all my old professors, "Hi, Sir! Hi, Ma'am!". Of course, I got to hang out with my UP barkada again and was even surprised to find out that my crush from before is still very much single and still looking great. Needless to say, I didn't let the night end without asking her out :). It was kinda funny too how I am one of the few NON-practicing architects around, but I don't regret that since I'm still designing and I get to do it in a field which I love: theatre.


teena said...

hi! hopped in from hogi's blog.

cool! you're from UP arki too. my dad was at that party and he was part of the CAFA singers that performed that night :)

i saw your work for sweet chartiy and thought it was great!

Joel R. said...

hey teena, am glad that you liked sweet charity. Who's you're dad, btw? I watched the singers but i didn't know everyone who was up there.

adi said...

yes, cool!

finding it hard to believe you're a Rogelio.

you look more like an Adrian or a Neil.

liked the hair, btw. =)

teena said...

my dad's name is dinky. he's the guy with the beard and glasses. he was (probably) the one who said something to open their number. :)

Joel R. said...

thanks, erik. i guess my parents don't think i look like a rogelio either cos they started calling me joel after a while.

teena, i definitely remember seeing your dad. he looks too distinctive not to notice :)