Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Turkey Required

Before the United States was ever a nation, a group of haggard travellers arrived at its eastern shore and despite months of long hard travel, storms, lack of food, sickness and the dangers from an unknown place, they set out to live their lives and remember to thank God every year for His blessing and faithfulness.

I realized that in spite of the things we're facing today, it doesn't have to be November, you don't need a Turkey or even win an award to be thankful. So here is a list (WARNING: THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG LIST!) of the things I want to thank God for:

* My dad, (affectionately called "Papa Kool" cause he's maKOOLit!) who has stood by us and provided for our family and has loved and been faithful to my mom through 30+ years of marriage.
* My mom, who constantly prays for us everyday and made sure we grew up with excellent values at the same time NOT being too strict and trying to shelter us from the world
* Skye (my niece) who came to us unexpectedly but has done all she can to brighten up our home with her laughing, singing, dancing and visaya monologues.
* Leah, Rina, Kris and Carla, my 4 sisters who have kept me in line and continue to teach me how women deserve to be treated
* Robin and Raym, my 2 brothers who are very generous and are quick to help out when needed
* Trumpets, Stages, TheWorks, Tito Freds, BlueRep and all the other companies I've worked with that have loaded this freelance person with more work, experience, benefits, challenges, fulfillment and finances than I can ever hope to find in a corporate setting
* Ptrs. Jocel and Mylene Evangelista, and the rest of the Monday group who taught me to love the Word and to live by it everyday of my life
* the Franciscans who have obediently opened their home and their kitchen too!
* Alvin and Mitchie, who are ready to listen and to share their supply
* Maits, who has been an exceptional friend and has showed me that there is more to life than just the things I see with my own eyes
* Beagar, my first and most loyal BlueRep friend
* Geegee, my adopted 'sister', for her infectious joy and bubbliness
* George, who is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and has true integrity
* Ash, who greets so many of my mornings with a text that makes me smile
* Cocoy and Jing who keep my UP Arki barkada from ever losing touch
* Dean Honrado Fernandez who gave me a second chance in life and taught me about design, inspiration, hard work and life
* Sweetie Pie and Jingle who constantly encourage me and let me know that I'm making a difference
* Jeff, Michael, Long, Veronica, James, Dawn, Carrie, Lisa, and my other American friends who reached out to a lonely Filipino kid and made him feel at home in a foreign land
* The computer with no name that has served me faithfully and allowed me to do all my work and kept me connected to the rest of the world
* Our Mariposa home which is forever ready to welcome people in need
* Grabe ang dami pa but in the words of the King of Siam "Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!"


angelalah said...

I thank God for you too! And you're niece is so adorable.

May I just share, I had a dream last night that I cut my hair. =) SHORT.

I dunno why I told you that.It's probably cuz' I just remembered now. hahahaha. =)

PS I didn't get a picture with you!

Joel R. said...

Really? Even shorter than the Charity wig? hehehe. I just realized also that we don't have a pic nga. Have to fix that.

cheacherchowee said...

And The Works and I thank you! We always end up having a blast don't we? That's a true blessing : )

I love skye!

Joel R. said...

Yep, blast is the right word :) Skye is my secret weapon for world domination!

terpsichordean said...

honrado fernandez was my uncle. i was goggling his name and i landed in your blog.

he was a good man, and many of us were inspired by him.

Joel R. said...

Yeah. he was a really outstanding man. like a second dad to us. btw, your cousins rodin and nicolo are friends of mine.